Monday, March 17, 2014

Hawaii Five-0 - Ma lalo o ka 'ili

What appears to be a simple murder-kidnapping becomes far more interesting as Five-0 discovers the young man (Booboo Stewart) with a criminal record who committed the crimes is actually the young woman's (Moanie Hara) boyfriend who she is with of her own free will. Discovering a history of abuse between the woman and her father, Five-0 begins to piece together what really went down on the night her father was killed, but they have to scrap all their theories when Kono‘s (Grace Park) digging into the proof of the young woman's abuse proves that it was all recently fabricated.

The episode's subplots include Danny (Scott Caan) bringing his father (Tom Berenger) to the island to save his parents' marriage and Jerry (Jorge Garcia) returns as McGarrett‘s (Alex O’Loughlin) exiting house guest who finds a cipher in the belongings of McGarrett's father having to do with Shellburne and coordinates to a grave in Cambodia who nobody wants disturbed.

Although I think far too much time is given again to Danny's parents marriage, I like the casting of Berenger as Danny's father. The episode's mystery of the week has some nice twists as well as it takes most of the episode for Five-0 to figure out the young woman is behind the entire situation including tricking the honorable, but dimwitted, young man into killing her father. The most interesting piece of the episode involves Jerry's findings (which I hope means we'll be seeing more of him this season) and what appears to be the resumption of the mysterious connection between McGarrett's mother (Christine Lahti) and Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).

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