Sunday, March 23, 2014

Scandal - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Putting aside the drama of the Vice-President Sally Langston's (Kate Burton) murder of her husband, although we do get the subplot of Langston's campaigning to steal away the NRA endorsement from Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" deals primarily with the fallout of Jake's (Scott Foley) murder of three members of the Publius conspiracy including James (Dan Bucatinsky). Allowed to live, David Rosen (Joshua Malina) struggles with ignoring what happened and sweeping James' murder, and the disappearances of two of his friends, under the rug as nothing more than a car jacking gone wrong.

As Cyrus (Jeff Perry) deals with the death of James we get flashbacks to various moments of the pair's relationship including their first meeting on the campaign trail, Cyrus' struggle to come out as a gay man, and the first public display of the President's Chief of Staff of his love for the man who would eventually become his husband. We also get the continuation of Mellie's (Bellamy Young) flirtations with Fitz’s new VP candidate (Jon Tenney) which are going to make it hard for the First Lady to act superior to Olivia in the future. Meanwhile Harrison's (Columbus Short) old friend (Nazanin Boniadi) discovers she may be in over-her-head and Quinn (Katie Lowes) earns a spot within B-613.

Eventually Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) puts the pieces together and discovers Jake and B-613 are responsible for three murders, including that of a close friend. Having trouble living in the world where she is the only White Hat remaining causes Olivia to go to Rowan (Joe Morton) for comfort which strengthens her enough to decide to work alongside Rosen and tear B-613 down "brick by brick." As a fan the show pairing Rowan and Olivia together I'm looking forward to see how they go about taking down a super-secret government agency formerly run by Olivia's father, now run by her former boyfriend, and endorsed by the President of the United States. Also, you'd expect at some point for Olivia to take on a case sooner or later (hopefully sooner as the ongoing storylines, other than B-613, are all running out of juice).

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