Sunday, March 23, 2014

Teen Titans Go! - Little Buddies

After a battle against Brother Blood and his vicious robotic Pain Bot, Cyborg (Khary Payton) decides to adopt the damaged robot in an attempt to repair and rehabilitate him. First hiding his new sidekick from his disapproving teammates, Cyborg's secret is eventually exposed when the other Titans discover the murder-machine in their kitchen.

Unable to part with Pain Bot, despite not being able to get rid of its murderous tendencies, Cyborg argues that if the rest of the team gets their own sidekicks he should as well. It's a particularly good argument considering how dangerous Silkie can be when provoked and the fact that Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) seems to have recently adopted a wild wolf named Dave who has a habit of attacking Robin (Scott Menville) whenever it wants (not unlike Pain Bot).

Deciding a competition is in order to determine which sidekick will be allowed to remain in Titan Tower, Cyborg pits Pain Bot against Dave, Raven's pet demon, Silkie, The Robin, the Talking Birdarang, and Boomstaff. Eventually the episode ends with things back to normal (or what passes for normal inside Titans Tower) as Starfire's (Hynden Walch) space-worm proves unbeatable, even for Pain Bot.

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