Saturday, March 15, 2014

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Dirty Little Secrets

Unable to come to an agreement on how best to proceed to stop Jafar (Naveen Andrews), the Knave (Michael Socha) and the Red Queen (Emma Rigby) enlist the help of The White Rabbit (John Lithgow) to help them put together an army to save Wonderland while Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) search for the portal to the Well of Wonders and the only creature able to remove the curse on Cyrus' two brothers (Raza Jaffrey and Dejan Loyola) who remain in the genie lamps in the sorcerer's possession.

Neither story ends particularly well for anyone as the Jabberwocky (Peta Sergeant) catches and tortures Anastasia forcing the Red Queen to use all three of her wishes putting the Knave back into the bottle and delivering to Jafar the third genie he needs to begin his spell to change the rules of magic. And Cyrus' finds his pleas to remove the curse fall on deaf ears, although he does walk away with the knowledge that his mother is somehow still alive.

The biggest piece of "Dirty Little Secrets" are the flashbacks which reveal how Cyrus and his brothers were cursed and that Amara (Zuleikha Robinson) is the mother whose life was saved which brings the cast of characters full circle. With Jafar holding all the cards it will be up to Alice and Cyrus to find a way to defeat the wizard before he makes good on his plan (which apparently will lead them to Storybrooke in the spin-off's first crossover with the show that spawned it). Although the Jabberwocky completes the task Jafar sets before her we'll have to see how long the wild card continues to serve the man who freed her before choosing her own path and allegiances which may or may not help Alice and her friends.

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