Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Intelligence - The Event Horizon

While performing a cyber-render of the murder of the Deputy Director of FBI and a retired intelligence officer Gabriel (Josh Holloway) finds evidence that implicates him as the assassin. That along with Gabriel's hazy recollections of the previous night and the fact that one of the men killed was responsible for letting the man who killed Gabriel's wife go free and that's more than enough for both Weatherly (Tomas Arana) and Tetazoo (Lance Reddick) to step-in, take control of CyberCom from Lillian (Marg Helgenberger), and put Gabriel in holding under suspicion that someone may have hacked the chip and forced Gabriel to commit murder.

With not only Gabriel but Riley under suspicion the pair make a run to prove their innocence while Tetazoo takes control of U.S. Cyber Command and puts kill orders out on both his fugitives. Taking advice from her father (Peter Coyote), the deposed Lillian enlists the help of Jameson (Michael Rady), Nelson (P.J. Byrne), and Cassidy (John Billingsley) and begins investigating the murders which occurred during an off-book intelligence meeting concerning a myth or Iranian sleeper agents known as "The Flood" that no one (aside from one of the dead men) believes or is paying attention to.

Discovering Mei Chen (Faye Kingslee) is responsible for the murders and frame, Gabriel lays a trap for the the crazy Chinese spy obsessed with him, but he's unprepared for the fact that someone inside the United States Government hired her to frame Gabriel for the crime. Shot while attempting to turn Mei Chen over to Lillian, a wounded Gabriel is forced to stay on the run with Riley and Mei Chen leading into next week's season finale.

Events move quickly in "Event Horizion" as Gabriel and Riley are both accused and interrogated, Lillian is deposed, and the malicious Tetazoo (who has been trying to get control of CyberCom and Clockwork since its creation) seizes power. I'd have preferred the show to handle the change in command more gracefully as you could certainly argue Lillian would be too close to be objective, but inserting the equally nonobjective Tetazoo into the equation (who basically orders the death of the most valuable U.S. intelligence asset without even attempting to do any due diligence) creates its own unnecessary problems. On the plus side, Gabriel and Riley on the run works out well (despite him getting shot) and the team-up with Mei Chen against their own government is certainly an interesting twist leading into next week's finale.

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