Friday, March 21, 2014

Psych - A Nightmare on State Street

Gus' (Dulé Hill) attempts to get control of his nightmares, which he refuses to admit are caused by his increasing fear of Shawn (James Roday) abandoning him to live in San Fransisco with Juliet (Maggie Lawson), by agreeing to dream therapy with Dr. Ashford M. Simpson (Bruce Campbell) offers the penultimate episode of Psych to a variety of odd sequences as an increasingly tired Burton Guster has trouble distinguishing between the real world and that of his dreams which include a haunted house, evil children, and Curt SmithLassiter (Timothy Omundson), and Woody (Kurt Fuller) all being eaten by zombies.

The detectives' case of the week involves a cable repairman (Dean Cameron) who suspects his wife (Sutton Foster) who may be sleeping with an obnoxious co-worker (William Zabka) whose murder their client is later arrested for. As Gus struggles with his nightmares, Shawn offers support in the real world (while continually abandoning his best-friend's dreams) while working to solve the case only to be beat to the punch by Lassies' new Head Detective Betsy Brannigan (Mira Sorvino).

Directed by Roday, featuring a number of references to horror films ranging from Evil Dead to The Shining, and guest-stars like the Cameron, Bella Twins, Campbell, and Zabka, the second-to-last episode of the series is certainly memorable and bizarre while playing on themes of the looming end of Gus and Shawn's partnership leading into next week's series finale. The mystery of the week may be one the show's weakest, but the episode itself certainly goes for broke while capturing the show's quirky spirit and craziness. I'm going to be sad to say goodbye to this show.

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