Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Person of Interest - Allegiance

Shaw (Sarah Shahi) takes point on The Machine's latest number, an engineer (Nazneen Contractor) for an alternative energy company who spends most of her time on reconstruction projects in Third World countries and who is obsessed with convincing a U.N. diplomat (Michael Gill) to allow an Iranian refuge, and her former interpreter (Haaz Sleiman) and lover, entry into the country. Although the man is being held as a potential terrorist suspect, the real reason behind his imprisonment proves to be his knowledge of the failure of the generations powering the recently-constructed Hydroelectric plant in his country who the head of the company (Casey Biggs) will do anything to keep quiet.

Although Reese (Jim Caviezel) manages to save the refuge before he is deported back to Iraq by hijacking the prisoner transport vehicle, Shaw looses the engineer who walks straight into the United Nations looking for the proof to save the man she loves. However, deciding to trust the wrong man (William Abadie) puts her in even more danger. To save her Reese leads Fusco and the team in a break-in of the United Nations with the use of smoke and mirrors (minus the mirrors).

With the Decima back-engineering their stolen computer chip and mass producing enough to get Samaritan up and running at full power Root turns her attention to the mysterious Greer (John Nolan) who has recently returned to New York to procure the missing power generators to power his new secret project. Initially stymied by the level the man takes to hide himself from The Machine, Root eventually finds him the help of Bear. However, the pair's meeting doesn't go exactly as she planned.

Along with a strong episode of the week which includes a nice early feint about the team's number being a possible terrorist and Reese jumping through a window at least three floors up, "Allegiance" continues to build on the Shaw/Fusco friendship and Root's storyline offers the character a possible new path alongside Decima which may turn out to be too tempting for the former evil mastermind to refuse (although I'm hoping she stays where she is as Root switching sides would limit more Shaw/Root fun in the future).

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