Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Blacklist - Mako Tanida

Reddington (James Spader) sends the FBI after Mako Tanida (Hoon Lee), a former colleague who recently escaped prison and is targeting the federal agents involved in his capture whose number includes Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and a pair of his old friends who have already been killed (Hassan Johnson, Casey Siemaszko). When Tanida comes from Ressler it isn't the agent who pays the price but Ressler's girlfriend Audrey (Emily Tremaine) leaving a bitter agent out for revenge.

In the episode's B-story Lucy Brooks (Rachel Brosnahan) and Tom's (Ryan Eggold) relationship is fleshed out a little more as we learn they both work for the same yet-to-be-revealed group interested in Reddington's connection with Lizzie (Megan Boone) and that Lucy has been sent in to check if Tom's status has been compromised. Discovering Reddington's man (Lance Reddick) is trailing Lucy, Tom has no choice but take drastic measures to hide his involvement with the woman from both his wife and Reddington, but from next week's previews it seems like all the secrets will be laid out on the table fairly soon.

I didn't see the show killing off either Audrey or Lucy so quickly (especially in the same episode). Lucy's death offers a chance to explore just how lethal Tom really is, further pointing out Reddington's opinion of the man (and that of nearly every single person who has been watching the show) was spot-on. Along with Audrey's death, Ressler's discovery that an old partner (James Colby) is responsible for the entire situation (by killing Tanida's brother and secretly taking over the criminal empire causing the killer to seek retribution) complicates Ressler's simple quest for revenge (although his new pal Red steps in to give him a hand - or, more accurately, a head).

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