Thursday, March 13, 2014

Morning Glories #37

The latest issue of Morning Glories centers around yet another of the Truants as it follows the roaming astral body of the comatose Akiko who, while talking to her comatose body, roams various moments of her past, current unfolding events around the school (and possible future?) including meeting Danielle Clarkson, her days growing up and learning in Abraham's Camp, a ballet recital for the older Jade, and making it down to the basement to comfort the blinded Fortunato.

Given that all we see in this issue occurs during a dream state, albeit a far looser one than some that we have witnessed in the past, its unclear how much is true and how much (such as the visions the young woman sees when performing in front of an older version of Jade she seems to know but can't possibly have met yet) is actually true and how much is simply the dream. As to the lessons learned from Akiko's experiences, even if her dreams are more clear, the meaning behind much of what we see continues to be suggested but largely shrouded in mystery (as fans have come to expect).

Along with the lesson of Lot's wife and Hodge threatening an also comatose Gribbs, Akiko's travels also lead her across the path of a scientist we've seen before in other visions and flashbacks (and whom Akiko seems to have geniune fear towards - never a good sign at Morning Glories Academy), as well as the tragic fate of Akiko's father (which is hinted could be tied to that of his daughter and the creation of the Academy's own gods which are mentioned here once more). Worth a look.

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