Sunday, March 9, 2014

Perception - Brotherhood

The arrival of Lewicki's (Arjay Smith) younger brother Kenny (Chris Meyer), who is being raised by a different foster family than the one who raised Lewicki, causes complications when Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) and Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) discover Kenny is wanted for the murder of a local drug dealer. Already boiling after being falsely arrested by the cops still searching for Kenny (who Lewicki also learns has been working for a local drug dealer), Lewicki begins his own investigation with Daniel (feeling responsible for bringing the young man to law enforcement's attention) tagging along.

After talking to Kenny's foster parents (Kamala Lopez, David Reivers) and best-friend (Titus Makin Jr.) they get the young man to turn himself in, but all evidence still points to Kenny pulling the trigger. Pierce's attempts to help first through a offbeat psychological theory (which would mean Kenny still facing prison time) and later by disproving another suspect's alibi only further bury the young man and harm Pierce's friendship with Lewicki. And when Kenny confesses to the crime Lewicki looses all hope.

The situation develops some intense friction between Lewicki and Pierce (more than usually variety of Pierce taking him for granted). A little too coincidentally, the episode also marks the possibility of Lewicki earning a fellowship that would take him far out of Pierce's world, one that he gives serious thought to once Pierce's actions but his brother behind the eight ball. Although his actions put Kenny in a deep hole, listening to Lewicki talk about his brother also leads Pierce to conclude not only Kenny's innocence but the reasoning behind why he would lie as the episode makes its final (of several) twists leading to the drug dealer's real killer.

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