Saturday, March 22, 2014

Perception - Obsession

Percpetion's Second Season comes to a close with a finale putting both Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) livelihood in jeopardy when he is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend Dr. Caroline Newsome (Kelly Rowan). The professor's agitated state leads to his metal disorder rearing its head (in the smallest of ways) in front of his class which threatens his job at the university when a rich donor (Philip Casnoff) demands Pierce be given a psychiatric evaluation to prove the man is safe to teach impressionable young minds (such as the donor's daughter).

Unwilling to acquiesce, Pierce is then forced into a research-only position which turns several of his students against the university and begins the doctor thinking about the state of his life while he works with Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) and a visiting Canadian mountie (Sharon Leal) to clear his name and find the man responsible for the escalating threats against Caroline including the brutal murder of her current boyfriend Dean (Josh Stamberg).

Eventually the clues lead them to the hospital's administrator (Robert Bagnell) who takes a flying leap off the top of the building rather than be taken by the FBI. The truth of what happened on the roof, and the mountie's real reasons for wanting in on the case are a bit more complicated, but in the end Pierce's name is cleared and Caroline's life is safe.

Although initially agreeing to the deal to stay with the university in a research-only position, Pierce reconsiders and decides to resign rather than give up teaching and take a trip to Paris to visit Miranda (Perrey Reeves) and move on with his life (at least untilt the show returns with new episodes this summer). That's not the only cliffhanger as Donnie (Scott Wolf) job offer in San Diego forces Kate to reconsider her feelings towards her ex-husband and ask him to remain in Chicago and try and give their marriage a legitimate second-chance.

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