Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nova #14

The Nova and Beta Ray Bill team-up continues as the pair save a spaceship while making their way to Knowhere where the slavers Bill has been hunting, and Nova was tricked into helping, are holed-up. Forced to separate (and bring the team-up to a premature end), Nova discovers a new ally in the former head of security of Knowhere and forgotten Guardian of the Galaxy - Cosmo!

I'm glad to see someone remember Cosmo actually exists (unlike the telepathic canine's former partners), but I'm a little confused as to when the Guardians of the Galaxy's secret base inside the head of a Celestial became Mos Eisley? Also, despite his unimpressive visage, Cosmo is actually not the easiest foe to defeat so I'm hoping next issue explains how he lost control of the secret station to a group that had to trick a Nova into fixing their ship's engine.

Despite these issues, Nova #14 is a lot of fun and I'll take any excuse to get Cosmo back into comics (even if I'd rather be seeing him in Guardians of the Galaxy). Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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