Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Person of Interest - /

After performing a complicated task for The Machine in Germany, Root (Amy Acker) returns to New York for her next assignment which involves a janitor (Yul Vazquez) with a sordid past and zen philosophy who drawn the interest of Decima Technologies, has been marked for death by Vigilance, and whose number Finch (Michael Emerson) has also received. With Shaw (Sarah Shahi) cornered by Vigilance, and an overconfident Root separated from the number whose past is linked to her own as a hacker and hired gun, it falls on Reese (Jim Caviezel) to step-in and save the day.

With the janitor's access Decima hopes to gain access to a revolutionary processor making their version of The Machine, known as Samaritan, a reality. After getting an analog upgrade (which is actually quite clever) to stop Decima from disconnecting her from The Machine in the future, Root shows up once again restored to her former glory to help Reese and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) save the number.

Although successful in saving the man's life, Decima makes off with the chip leaving them with the hardware and software to make Samaritan a reality. Root's actions and determinism force Finch to finally soften his stance towards Miss Groves, and the return of Root provides a couple of short, but very entertaining, interactions between Shaw and Root (and I'm always up for more of the delectable combination of Shoot). As to the looming threat of Samaritan and how it will threaten Finch and his team, we'll just have to wait and see how events unfold.

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