Monday, March 10, 2014

Velvet #4

The Cold War spy story continues as Velvet's search for Jefferson Keller's killer leads her to the Carnival of Fools and a rendezvous with an old enemy. Saving the ex-KGB agent from Russian spies who have been sent to drag him back to Moscow, Velvet and her former adversary come to a quick understanding as Roman provides her with the name of the person Keller was obsessed with in the days leading up to his death. A name she knows all too well.

In the last issue we saw Velvet's time away from the field cause an issue with an asset she risked much to retrieve. This month we get an old adversary turned new friend and the name Codename: Mockingbird suggesting that whatever happened to Keller, Velvet's former husband is in the middle of it.

We only get a glimpse of Arc-7's search for Velvet as the death of Stepanov and his wife and what Velvet is doing (if no clue as to the reason behind her actions). It will be interesting to see if we get more of her pursuit going forward or if the focus stays primarily on Velvet's search for answers. Worth a look.

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