Friday, March 14, 2014

Legends of Aweomeness - The Kung Fu Stranger

Collecting seven more episodes of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Aweomeness, the third DVD release is named for Po's (Mick Wingertadventures as a masked vigilante who continues to fight crime after Kung Fu is outlawed. My favorite episode of the collection involves Shifu's (Fred Tatasciore) back injury and new bureacracy preventing the Furious Five to use Kung Fu to stop crime which forces Po to impersonate his master while strapping an over-medicated Shifu to his stomach.

Also included on the set are Fung (John DiMaggio) bringing Terra Cotta warriors to life, Po's mistake which threatens to prolong a war between two gorilla armies, the unexpected difficulties which arise when Mr. Ping (James Hong) temporarily moves into the Jade Palace, the side effects of Mantis (Max Koch) choosing to drink a growth potion, and Po's prank on Monkey (James Sieblowing up in his face.

[20th Century Fox, $14.98]

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