Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fatale #21

Continuing the comic's final arc, Nicolas Lash is reintroduced to Josephine's world and meets her librarian who is helping Jo make final preparations for "the convergence." After spending weeks cooped up in the house, obsessing about where Josephine goes without him, Lash is finally offered a night out with the woman who has captured his soul which will earn Josephine a prize and allow Nicolas to play his role in a ritual that will tie the pair of them even closer together.

As the comic's final arc nears its conclusion there's still much about Josephine which hasn't (and may not be) revealed. Fatale #21 continues to play on themes the comic has been known for including the power of Josephine's sway and the need of blood sacrifice to achieve some yet unknown (at least to the audience) dark purpose.

By the end of the issue Lash knows his darkest fears about Josephine have been proved true, but despite his terror he's trapped (as are we all) to stay and witness the conclusion even though he knows deep-down things aren't likely to end well. Worth a look.

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