Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Intelligence - Being Human

The First Season finale picks up with a wounded Gabriel (Josh Holloway) being patched up by his mother (Debra Mooney), Riley (Meghan Ory) working on the intelligence delivered by Mei Chen (Faye Kingslee) to warn a Presidential nominee (Bonita Friedericy) of a possible imminent assassination attempt, and a deposed Lillian (Marg Helgenberger) works with Jameson (Michael Rady), Nelson (P.J. Byrne), and Cassidy (John Billingsley) to uncover the truth of Iranian sleeper agents working in high-level positions within the United States Government.

The assassination Tetazoo (Lance Reddick) of and the first proof of The Flood and the six Iranian tigers whose number includes Weatherly (Tomas Arana), brings the entire group back together. Although Riley and Gabriel are able to stop the assassination, clear Gabriel's name, and capture Weatherly the Iranian sleeper agent doesn't last the night in prison and dies before he can offer any more useful information about The Flood or its other members.

Over the course of the mostly so-so First Season, Intelligence has carved out what it wants to be (although I think they could have taken a far more interesting direction had Gabriel decided to go off-grid with Mei Chen). There's certainly room for improvement should the show get renewed for a Second Season, but so far the Intelligence has proven to be whole that isn't as good as its various parts - particularly its two stars whose core relationship has helped carry the show through its rougher patches. Along with restoring the status quo and reinstating Lillian back as head of Clockwork, the finale also finally reveals that her father's (Peter Coyote) loyalties and purposes are rather complicated (something teased early in Coyote's first appearance).

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