Thursday, April 3, 2014

Person of Interest - Most Likely To...

While Fusco (Kevin Chapman) and Finch (Michael Emerson) look into the death of a number given by The Machine who Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) were unable to save from a car bombing by Vigilance, Shaw and Reese head to "suburban high school hell" at a 20-year reunion to protect a criminal prosecutor (Nestor Carbonell) who several classmates still blame for the death of his girlfriend senior year. While protecting the lawyer, who is the subject of several harassing moments during the reunion weekend and with whom Shaw has unexpected chemistry, Reese and his partner will also have to fend off a Vigilance assassin who was observing the pair operate.

The high school reunion gets more interesting as a 20 year-old murder is solved, and justice is sought by their number, and Vigilance shows up in force led to the school by Root (Amy Acker) who leaked Shaw and Reese's location in order to get into Vigilance's communication system. Although doing so puts Shaw and Reese in momentary danger, connection to the terrorist group's coded network also allows Root the opportunity to save Finch when he and Fusco decide to break into the FBI evidence warehouse.

The episode ends with all members of the team accounted for (and several members of Vigilance deceased and imprisoned), but the rules of the game change completely when Collier (Leslie Odom Jr.) makes it out with the all-important evidence from the FBI safe on Northern Lights and decides to release it to the press. With Control (Camryn Manheim) shut down and the government hiding any evidence that the surveillance system exists, there's no one left to deal with the relevant numbers - except Root.

Aside from the ending which is a big game changer in terms of not only the public's knowledge of the system but also the government's use of it, "Most Likely To..." offers several fun moments including Shaw's disgust at realizing who in the class she's standing-in for, Reese earning several face slaps from the various female members of the high school class, Shaw making (even a temporary) connection to someone, and Root apologizing to her friends for selling them out in the middle of their gun fight. I don't know if we're going to see more or less of Root now that the relevant list is in her hands, but I'm hoping its the former.

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