Monday, June 15, 2020

Action Comics #1022

Clark Kent, meet Conner Kent. Action Comics #1022 centers around Superman getting his head around the idea that there is another Superboy from an alternate timeline of Earth. Calling in as many experts as possible to confirm Conner is who he thinks, it's a more familial connection that cements Conner is indeed finally back home on the right Earth.

There's some great stuff here including both Conner and Clark's awkward reactions to the odd situation. Then there's Jon's return from the future shocked at Conner's existence but not angry or resentful but helpful (and in awe of that awesome jacket). I was curious about how much of the current Young Justice series would get brought into DC's main storyline, and Action Comics #1022 offers a great example of how well DC's larger continuity can still intersect in great ways.

The issue's B-story continues the fallout of The Daily Planet's recent woes (keeping that plot thread alive), but this issue is primarily about re-incorporating another character back into the Kent family.

[DC, $3.99]

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