Friday, June 26, 2020

Once and Future #8

Once and Future #8 confirms both the identity of the old wizard we saw in the last issue steal the Beowulf manuscript as Merlin and explain why he has been working in the shadows to bring Bewoulf back into the world. Despite Bridgette's assertion that Beowulf is nothing more than a poem, the now flesh-and-blood legendary warrior strolls both into Zombie Camelot and later finds his way onto the top of Duncan's car (as Rose's warning comes seconds too late).

Beowulf makes a powerful ally for Zombie Arthur and Merlin who trick the legendary hero and send him after Duncan and his Gran. I'll be curious to see what direction the story takes. Will Duncan need to best the hero? Or merely make him see the truth?

Up until now Bridgette has been the expert leading Duncan into a world he couldn't possibly have imagined. However, Once and Future #8 points out there are holes in her knowledge. She doesn't know Beowulf is real nor realize that Merlin is back working against her and her grandson.

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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