Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Batman #92

"Their Dark Designs" continues as Batman schleps around the captive Deathstroke all over Gotham City in the issue while dealing with lingering threats including the Riddler who takes the city hostage by placing it within a giant crossword puzzle, forcing Batman to find each word through a riddle. Batman? Not too worried.

Fans of Riddler should enjoy the banter between hero and villain. Even if I've not overly fond of the current look of the character, Riddler is in fine form here as writer James Tynion IV provides a number of riddles for the Dark Knight Detective to solve. Even Deathstroke gets in a jibe or two about what Batman is forced to put up with to keep Gotham safe.

Meanwhile, Catwoman and Harley Quinn battle zombie cops in the sewers, Harley meets the Joker's new squeeze Punchline, and Selina does some negotiating with the Underbroker. Between Catwoman and Batman, our heroes score victories on multiple fronts, but heading into the next issue the man behind all chaos, the Designer, still awaits.

[DC, $3.99]

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