Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Doom Patrol - Puppet Patrol

Ah, the episode with the Nazi puppets! Seriously, you can keep reading, but it that sentence wasn't enough to get you to watch then I honestly don't know what to tell you. The search for the missing Chief (Timothy Dalton), who disappeared after a donkey farted and a giant sinkhole swallowed up an entire town, leads the Doom Patrol and Cyborg (Joivan Wade) on a road trip to Paraguay where Cliff (Brendan Fraser), Jane (Diane Guerrero), and Larry (Matt Bomer) find the former Nazi scientist who provided Morden (Alan Tudyk) with his powers. Thanks to a little puppet show detailing the history of Heinrich Von Fuchs, we get some insight into the animosity between Chief and Morden and the villain's recent kidnapping of the Doom Patrol's mentor.

There's quite a bit here to enjoy starting with the team's ill-fated road trip shown mostly in montage before Jane simply can't stand it anymore and sends half of the team to their destination. Running into Steve Larson (Alec Mapa), who desperately wants the Von Fuchs treatment (and gets more than he expected), the team gets led inside Fuchtopia (which is pronounced exactly as you would expect and filled with servants all of whom are puppets of Von Fuchs' will). There's also Cliff finally being able to let loose as see what his robotic frame is capable off (turns out it's capable of ripping apart Nazis in gruesome and terrible ways), Jane's personality Silver Tongue literally killing Nazis with words generated in mid-air, and Larry finding the briefest moment of happiness separated from the energy inside him (only to be reunited when the team leaves, burning Fuchtopia to the ground). And then, of course, there's the Nazi puppet show highlighting a trip which might not get the team any closer to finding Chief, but it's certainly one they will remember.

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