Monday, June 15, 2020

Young Justice - Nightmare Monkeys

"Nightmare Monkeys" offers several revelations to the Young Justice team. The first comes at the end of the episode's main story where Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) becomes lost in a pair of Goode VR Goggles designed to take over the minds of those it identifies as possessing a meta-human gene. Taking place within Garfield's mind, the show's writers have fun by inserting him into both the Hello, Megan! television show and version of Doom Patrol that was obviously styled after Teen Titans Go! (and even uses the show's cast to voice the Doom Patrol characters rendered in Go's style). In another sequence, the episode also brings back Garfield's pet monkey as either a Monkey God who prevented his mind from completely shutting down or some part of the character's subconscious that recognized the danger and created false realities giving his friends time to save him.

Garfield's experience not only alerts the team to one of the methods The Light is using to identify meta-human teens, but it also awakens a bit of the old hero in Beast Boy who is no longer content to work simply as a television star and activist. While there's plenty more going on here, the Doom Patrol Go! segment makes the episode a must-see. The other storyline introduces the larger team to Cyborg (Zeno Robinson) whose Fatherbox technology is revealed and immediately comes into conflict with both Halo (Zehra Fazal) and Sphere. The big revelation here comes from the discovery that Halo isn't the resurrected woman from Quraci, but merely her body from which a destroyed Mother Box found a new home. This explains the wide variety of her powers along with the foreshadowing of the old soul Doctor Fate saw when he briefly examined the young woman.

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