Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Batman: The Adventures Continue #5

Jason Todd continues to hide in the shadows, although not entirely unnoticed, while Deathstroke plays the role of crime-fighter to win over the Bat-Family. Much of the issue centers around Robin teaming-up with Gotham's new "hero" to take down Firefly (to the displeasure of Batman).

A C-list villain at best, writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini do a good job of selling Firefly as a legitimate threat to the team of Robin and Deathstroke (while also explaining what the villain was really up to the the late plot twist).

While Deathstroke offers a plausible reason for his appearance in Gotham to the Dark Knight, the assassin's true purpose is revealed at the end of the issue where readers discover what he's doing in Batman's backyard and who he's working for. Now that Todd knows Deathstroke is being bankrolled by Lex Luthor to knock off Batman, what happens to his long-term plans for his former mentor? And, if indeed he decides to make himself more visiable, will we be seeing Hush? The Red Hood? Or something else entirely?

[DC, $.99]

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