Thursday, June 18, 2020

Black Cat #11

The comic's opening arc continues as Black Cat has managed to steal all the pieces for the Randall Gate. Now all that's missing for Black Fox's planned heist of the Thieves Guild is the key to turning the thing on. In a comic that has featured Felicia breaking in to the who's who of the Marvel Universe, could there be anywhere else to retrieve it but Stark Unlimited?

Despite my having serious doubts about Stark security not being able to recognize Felicia Hardy in a wig, I'll admit the comic has fun with Felicia playing on Tony Stark's weakness for both redheads and women who enjoy verbally sparring with him. With the help of a little tech allowing her to temporarily pass for Stark where the building's automated systems are concerned and a patsy to drag Iron Man's attention elsewhere, Felicia is able to work her way to the Stark Nanoforge and forge the Dimensional Resonator.

Unfortunately for Black Cat, her patsy can't keep Iron Man busy indefinitely preventing her to make it out of the building with her new bounty. However, while in the Nanoforge, she's able to create one other thing which should lead to an equally fun follow-up issue.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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