Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Invisible Man

There have been several versions of The Invisible Man over the years. The latest, from writer/director Leigh Whannell puts the focus on the victim of the title character rather than the Invisible Man himself offering a thriller about an abusive husband using advanced technology to gaslight the wife who has left him. Elisabeth Moss stars here as the terrified woman who even those closest to her believe is going insane.

When the film stays grounded (as grounded as a film about an invisible man driving his wife mad can be) it succeeds, leaving both Moss and the audience to question where the Invisible Man is in every scene (or if he's even there at all). I think The Invisible Man would have made an excellent short film. As a feature, Whannell struggles to keep the suspense in place as the film gets increasingly goofy when our antagonist ups his game. The film's unimaginative boilerplate ending also left me cold.

The Invisible Man is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and several streaming services.

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