Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Stargirl - The Justice Society

While the road is a bit rocky, by the end of "The Justice Society" Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and Pat (Luke Wilson) come to an understanding about her attempt to recreate the Justice Society with her friends from school. Pat is less than pleased to discover his step-daughter is putting together her own crew, a crew that doesn't have any interest in walking away from what Courtney has given them when Pat demands the return of the artifacts. Perhaps the best aspect of the latest episode of Stargirl is how the show presents the mystical and scientific gadgets which Courtney has given her friends as not toys or weapons but a piece of themselves that each was missing. In the goggles Beth Chapel (Anjelika Washington) finds understanding and connection, in Wildcat's cowl Yolanda's (Yvette Monreal) rediscovers a sense of purpose and belief in herself, and in the hourglass Rick (Cameron Gellman) makes a connection to his father and is given an outlet for his rage.

Of course things don't exactly go as planned when the new heroes all suit up for the first time to prevent the the Gambler (Eric Goins) from devious intentions as the arrival of Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) and Tigress (Joy Osmanski) show the team just how far they need to go as heroes (while showing Pat their collective pluck which finally convinces him that they may be worthy of training). Although the young heroes managed to hold their own against a pair of villains, Gambler is able to complete another mission towards the Society's end goal (although they are missing a key member to see it through). Also of interest this week is another peek into a super-villain family (one that takes parent-on-coach violence to a whole other level) and Mike (Trae Romano) and Barbara (Amy Smart) steal not one put two scenes centering around the flaky kid's quick, yet impressive (and apparently delicious), science experiment.

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