Wednesday, June 17, 2020


SHAZAM! #12 is a throwback to the kind of one-off stories that used to be commonplace before writers and artists started almost exclusively creating arcs for graphic novel collections. After beating Crocodile Man and getting some shit from Freddy about the quality of his rogues gallery, our hero heads to Gotham for a team-up with Batman (who he's thrilled to learn also has a crocodile-themed villain).

Featuring Billy getting in over his head against the Scarecrow, facing his fears, and finding some common ground with the Dark Knight Detective (who knows a thing or two about teaching young heroes), SHAZAM! #12 is the kind of story I wish we were getting more of nowadays. Would I like to see more of the pair together? Sure, but the simple team-up works well within the pages of a single comic.

The Scarecrow is a clever choice for a Bat-villain to throw up against Earth's Mightiest Mortal as his fear gas is capable of bringing any hero's attack to a halt, even that of the Big Red Cheese.

[DC, $3.99]

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