Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Doom Patrol - Jane Patrol / Hair Patrol

"Jane Patrol" and "Hair Patrol" offer two stories that take place simultaneously following the tumultuous events of Karen being temporarily in control of Jane (Diane Guerrero) as Jane retreats far into herself. "Jane Patrol" focuses on the Negative Spirit putting Cliff (Brendan Fraser) inside Jane's mind where we finally see the Underground fully realized. While he doesn't belong, he wants to help. While being Cliff, he screws it up (at least for awhile). As an added bonus, the mental version of Cliff is still human (at least until he needs to call on his robot nature to help save his friend). At the same time their teammates are busy, "Hair Patrol" focuses on events in the manor where the bizarre Beard Hunter (Tommy Snider) arrives in search of the missing Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton).

Of the two, "Jane Patrol" is the more interesting peeling back layers and confirming the dark truth of what happened to Kay Challis which the show had hinted at several times. Cliff's guide in the Underground turns out to be Penny Farthing (Anna Lore), who is one of my favorite versions of Jane we've seen so far. We're also treated to a better look at Hammerhead (Stephanie Czajkowski) along with the first appearance of several personalities including the Secretary (Jackie Goldston) and Black Annis (Helen Abell). "Hair Patrol" is the far goofier episode involving a character that tracks people down by eating their facial hair, but it's still wildly entertaining thanks in large part to the bizarre character played by Tommy Snider who it turns out still has a role to play before the season comes to a close.

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