Thursday, June 25, 2020

Young Justice #15

Since the beginning of the series characters of been bouncing around the Multiverse, but with Young Justice #15 Superboy and the rest of the expanded Young Justice cast are finally back together on Earth. After quickly wrapping up the lingering plot thread of Dr. Glory (who Conner isn't above toying with before turning her over to the FBI), the comic moves to the larger issue of Conner's place in the world by Bart explaining the idea of Crisis while Superboy was on Gemworld and how this Earth was reshaped in his absence.

For teenagers, many of them take quite new to the super-hero game, they take the news of universal reset by some force unknown fairly well. And Superboy appears happy just to be home, with plenty of feels to go around (although he realizes Bart knows more than he's telling).

Young Justice #15 closes one chapter of the series and sets the stage for another with a large cast of interchangeable heroes all part of the team available for different adventures. I'm guessing Superboy and Impulse will drive the next arc, but from there anything appears possible.

[DC, $3.99]

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