Monday, June 1, 2020

Stargirl - Icicle

"Icicle" brings back the deadliest member of the Injustice Society of America to Blue Valley, Nebraska while continuing to hint at his larger plans for a "New America." And neither friend nor foe appears to be safe from his icy wrath. Along with Stargirl's (Brec Bassinger) first encounter with the ice villain (who publicly calls out the new hero by putting a large icy star in the middle of Courtney's walk home), the episode also delivers her first trip to the Justice Society of America's headquarters where Pat's (Luke Wilson) plan to talk Courtney out of super-heroing backfires setting up the next several episodes with Courtney recruiting a new society to take down Icicle and company.

The episode features two deaths, both at the hands of the super-villain. First, it's young Joey (Wil Deusner) and then his distraught father (Joe Knezevich) as Icicle cements himself as the big man in town by taking out the the former teammate he left in charge. The loss of Joey, a friendly face in a new school, rocks Courtney but rather than scare her away from her role as Stargirl it only serves as more motivation to continue the fight. Even the school scenes feel a bit fresher this week as the show continues its slow building on this side of Courtney's life (while keeping her in the dark about the parentage of those she's getting close to). Three episodes in, two members of the Injustice Society have already been taken out of action, but for Courtney to have more success she realizes she's need help as the show foreshadows new versions of the fallen heroes starting with Wildcat.

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