Thursday, June 4, 2020

Far Sector #6

Far Sector #6 offers a quiet, contemplative issue before its final pages set-up the series' next big action sequence. In the wake of the riots, and the government's brutal response to them (something all too topical considering what is happening now), the City Enduring's referendum on the Emotion Exploit is less than a week away.

Neither the comic's mysteries nor the politics of the alien world are explored much in the latest issue. Instead, Far Sector #6 turns inward to focus on its heroine and her struggle to deal emotionally with a charged situation millions of light years from Earth on the farthest reach of the galaxy.

For a comic about a race who has chosen to genetically-suppress their emotions, this issue is packed with emotion as Sojourner Mullein makes the questionable choice of giving into her feelings of loneliness as changing her relationship of Councillor Marth who is enjoying a bit of an emotional reprieve leading him to consider his recent actions which Sojourner found so despicable.

[DC, $3.99]

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