Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lady Zorro #1

The new one-shot from American Mythology reintroduces the character of Lady Zorro roaming through the countryside following in the wake of a path of destruction caused by a secret cabal of Spanish soldiers. Although the name Zorro is known in some parts, Lady Zorro is not, but that is about to change.

Like the Zorro comics currently being published by American Mythology, Lady Zorro #1 has a definite occult horror flavor that is never my first choice for Zorro stories. That said, the Prodigo seeking power through the Native American graveyards they plunder works to help sell the latest tribe that Lady Zorro is here to help and tying everything back to the Native American mythology works a bit better than demons.

While still quite new to the swashbuckling hero thing, there's plenty of action here for our hero to fight both the Spaniards and Father Serra who has been empowered by the power he has stolen to become more than a man which has only emboldened him to continue his path of destruction.

[American Mythology, $3.99]

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