Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ghost-Spider #10

Another volume of Ghost-Spider comes to a close as the final issue in the series leaves fans with a cliffhanger and uncertain future for our heroine. Johnny Storm and Sue Storm finally show their true colors in Ghost-Spider #10 by attacking Gwen and threatening not only her life but that of her father if she doesn't leave New York to its newest heroes.

Things feel a bit rushed and confused here, but that plays into Gwen's own emotions after being blindsided by the Storms who use force, blackmail, and threats to push Ghost-Spider out of the way. Several parts of the ongoing story are left unresolved here. Does Gwen simply jump dimensions? What's going on with that Gwenom suit that keeps showing up (but is never commented on)?

Before the end, the comic does offer some nice final father/daughter moments as well as some background to the Storms, their origin of their powers, and what befell poor Doctor Doom for helping them. The selfish duo appear to want to be heroes, but from these glimpses, and their behavior towards Gwen, you have to wonder if that's possible.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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