Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Rick and Morty - Promortyus

Remember that episode where Rick (Justin Roiland) and Morty (Roiland) made out and shat on the carpet? "Promortyus" opens with both characters controlled by facehugger aliens before breaking free, pretending to be still under the thrall of the collective (not all that convincingly), and blasting their way out doing as much guilt-free carnage as possible to the planet's civilization as possible (except for choosing not to go 9/11 on them). On after returning home to the pair realize they left Summer (Spencer Grammer) back on the Glorzos homeworld.

"Promortyus" features a high body count as Rick and Morty countless numbers of the aliens and their host by ship on their way out and by armored anime-style battlesuits and swords on their return only to discover Summer is the planet's queen who fills in the gaps to the pair's memory (including some disturbing images of the two facehugging hosts making out). Her new "trademark" of having a toothpick prevented her from being taken over (note, stock up on toothpicks) and she also explains transforming the Glorzos' culture into more than simply infecting a host and creating eggs into a larger civilization. Summer's plan to peacefully leave the planet fails, leading to even more carnage and destruction making "Promortyus" rank fairly high in the show's library for body count. The WTF shitting incident to end is only surpassed by the episode's epilogue in which Summer's friend gets the hots for Jerry (Chris Parnell). Jerry? I'd rather kiss a facehugger.

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