Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Justice League #45

Jim Corrigan has been separated from the Spectre and locked himself away in Tartarus. DC's untethered Spirit of Vengeance is less than happy about the new arrangement as his thirst for vengeance infects the members of the Justice League pitting them against each other by inflaming old arguments and grudges.

The out of control Spectre is really just an excuse to pit hero against hero for the issue as the heroes try to see through the vengeance poured into them, but struggle against the base nature the Spectre's wrath is fueling. Finally gathering their wits, the team comes to realize what has happened and where they must go to fix the situation. However, the locales of Themyscira may have something to say about that.

On a positive note, the art of Eddy Barrows downplays the shitty post-Flashpoint version of the Flash's costume by hiding the ridiculous grooves in his costume as much as possible by keeping the speedster in motion for most of the comic (and refusing to fill in that awful yellow piping).

[DC, $3.99]

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