Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Checkmate #5

Picking up exactly where Checkmate #4 ended, Leviathan has invaded Checkmate's headquarters, which they then teleport into the middle of Thailand. Although their building is rubble, the heroes aren't quite out of the game as Mark Shaw had planned, thanks to King's use of the extra-dimensional doors which deliver them into the basement of the Hall of Justice with hopefully enough time to prevent Leviathan from getting their hands on the Heroes Network.

And, of course, this turns out to be the perfect opportunity for Talia to double-cross the heroes. It's still not clear what exactly she's getting out of helping Shaw, but incapacitating the heroes at the point they might stop him from realizing his goal certainly works in Leviathan's favor.

Lois Lane is fairing a bit better with the sudden appearance of a brother she never knew about, but the "Snowman's Ticket" is still a git of a mystery, except, perhaps to Mark Shaw.

[DC, $3.99]

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