Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

Archie Comics offers up this only sorta spooky anthology one-shot for Halloween. "A Walk Through Hell" works to tie the various stories together. It stars with an intern, who turns out to be Archie, getting Madam Satan lost on the River Styx. She spends the rest of the issue trying to get to through the gates of Hell but not before running into another Archie character with a story to tell.

I was a bit surprised there weren't more stories here, expecting to see various other classic Archie characters. In "Living On, Part Time" Archie takes a job as a security guard at the Riverdale Arcade which turns out to be full of monsters in what's hard not to see rip-off of Willy's Wonderland. And in "Midnight Shack" the overeating Jughead is eaten by the leftovers he brought home.

[Archie, $3.99]

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