Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Lost Symbol - Cascade

"Cascade" introduces another member of the Solomon family as Robert (Ashley Zukerman) and Katharine (Valorie Curry) visit her mother (Laura de Carteret) to break the news about Zachary only to discover she's known he has been alive for some time. It's also revealed that she, not the group Zachary was indoctrinated in while in prison, has been funding his efforts (although she has been largely ignorant of how bloody those efforts have become). Robert, looks like you dodged a bullet in not marrying into this crazy-ass family.

Meanwhile, Mal'akh (Beau Knapp) targets the Leviathan group blackmailing them to give him some high-tech doodad which no doubt will help with his plan. The secret organization with agents in high ranking spots all over Washington proves to be pretty damn toothless when confronted by the madman by immediately caving into his demands. The FBI also bring back a familiar face from Zachary's past, but is that to stop  Mal'akh's plans or help him discover the knowledge they too are after? At this point, does it even matter?

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