Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Big Leap - Revenge Plot

Gabby's (Simone Recasner) convoluted revenge plot to steal Brittney's (Anna Grace Barlow) part and get her kicked off the show makes up the primary storyline of "The Revenge Plot." It's an awkward story that has moments. It leaves Gabby with the part she so desperately wanted but without her car, which she had to trade to save her plan, and with Brittney still a part of the show.  Tied to this is a thread of a high Monica (Mallory Jansen) searching for how to make "Swan Lake" work. The ridiculous dance-off provides the inspiration, but after the drug wears off will she be willing to follow it?

Shoved into the B-story, but far more intriguing, is the show picking up the thread of  Paula's (Piper Perabo) health and pairing her once again with Julia (Teri Polo) who charms her new friend into telling the truth and getting the medical tests she's avoiding. Both are great here as Paula's avoidance and fear are palpable as is the concern of Julia who provides the temporary distraction her friend is looking for while refusing to give up on getting Paula the helps she needs. Nearly all of the episode's best moments come from this plot thread, including the payoff of Mike (Jon Rudnitsky) stepping up big once he understands the reason Paula has been pushing him away.

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