Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Flash - Armageddon, Part 1

The Flash returns for its Eighth Season with part one of a five-week opening arc which promises the return of several Arrowverse familiar faces, starting with the return of Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer who arrives in Central City for a Tech Conference. "Part 1" sees the return of a new low-budget version of the Royal Flush Gang to Central City making a series of high-tech crimes while also arranging prison escapes and train crashes to keep the Flash (Grant Gustin) occupied elsewhere while working on a big cryptocurrency heist of Central City's casinos. Although the Scarlet Speedster takes care of them easily enough, we also get an appearance of Tony Curran as Despero as a much more fearsome foe who arrives from the future looking for a speedster to kill.

It's through Despero's appearance that the idea of a future Armageddon is revealed which the time-traveler blames the Flash for creating, it also gets Ray back in the Atom suit for an impromptu team-up. And, despite a shaky start, Ray makes a new friend in Chester (Brandon McKnight) while Allegra (Kayla Compton) learns to grow into a new role at the Citizen. Despero gives the Flash a week to prove the future he's seen can be averted and that Barry isn't responsible for the pending Armageddon (which, despite the similar name doesn't appear to be tied to the DC comic crossover). Now let the crazy amount of guest-appearances commence!

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