Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Marvel Action Classics: Spider-Man Two-In-One #4

Reprinting two previous Spider-Man tales, the first story of Marvel Action Classics: Spider-Man Two-In-One #4 gives us the constantly broke Peter Parker breaking into the Baxter Building with hopes of impressing the Fantastic Four and asking for a job as a way to monetize Spider-Man.

The story features plenty of classic FF foolishness including Johnny Storm pranking the Thing. Meanwhile the Chameleon steals an invention framing Spider-Man for the crime. Although Spidey didn't get the job offer he wanted, it turns out having the FF as your alibi, and back-up, works pretty well.

In the second story, Spider-Man is hired by the Blonde Phantom to stalk and learn about Wolverine who a company has interest in as a spokesman leading to a team-up between the two heroes to take on some local thugs (and a surprise appearance by Bullseye).

[Marvel, $4.99]

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