Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Shrink Next Door - The Consultation

Based on true events, and inspired by the podcast of the same name, the opening episode of The Shrink Next Door introduces us to nice guy Marty Markowitz (Will Ferrell) who is constantly being taken advantage of and goes into a panic attack at the first sign of confrontation. We're also introduced to Dr. Ike Herschkopf (Paul Rudd), a psychologist Marty's sister (Kathryn Hahn) insists he see. During their first session, Ike helps Marty deal with a clingy ex-girlfriend (Casey Wilson) while promising not to let anyone take advantage of Marty ever again. However, scenes from three decades later show us (perhaps a bit too much) that Ike has found a way to worm himself into Marty's life and create far more problems for his patient than Marty arrived in his office with in 1982.

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