Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Foundation - Barbarians at the Gate

Jumbling the second and third Foundation stories which take place decades apart, with content that was never part of the original stories from Isaac Asimov, and moving Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey) even farther from the politician the character was in the original stories to some weird agent of fate, Foundation gears up for a more action-centered storyline as Hardin captures the leader (Kubbra Sait) of the Anacreon invasion force not realizing everything they are doing is playing into the intruders' plans. While this Hardin is an interesting character, the longer this series continues the less if feels like Foundation.

Still keeping half the focus on the story on the emperors (Lee Pace, Terrence Mann, and Cassian Bilton), "Barbarians at the Gate" shows us growing descent between the three clones of Cleon (another addition not part of Asimov's original stories) while beginning to explore the differences of the youngest Cleon (Bilton) and his growing interest in one of the royal gardeners (Amy Tyger). Both will be explore more in further episodes.

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