Thursday, November 4, 2021

Only Murders in the Building - Fan Fiction

The murder is solved, the podcasters record their last episode, the police arrest Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane) and his son (James Caverly), but what if they got it all wrong? The episode opens with Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) being frightened, threatened, but then released by the podcast's sponsor who warns them to rule Tim Kono's (Julian Cihi) death a suicide and move on. Instead the pair regroup with Charles (Steve Martin) to end the podcast on their own terms and catch a killer.

The episode introduces a handful of die-hard fans of the podcast, who end up having insight to share and being part of the final  gathering to nail the coffin shut on Teddy and Theo. Joining the group is also Oscar (Aaron Dominguez) and Charles' new girlfriend (Amy Ryan) who is the the loudest voice against Teddy and Theo as Tim's killers. None of the three are particularly happy with the other people each bring into the mix, but the added voices turn out to help the original trio finalize their plans. Although she gets overruled by the others, Jan does have a final say, in a way, by turning up dead after the deli tycoon and his son were already in police custody. So, who really killed Tim Kono?

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