Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Hit-Monkey - Pilot

How does a monkey become a hitman? That's the question the "Pilot" episode of Hit-Monkey answers when a wounded assassin (Jason Sudeikis) takes shelter in the mountains after being double-crossed by his employer only to be taken in by a tribe of monkeys. When other killers arrive to finish the job the tribe and the assassin are wiped out, except for a single monkey who was against the tribe taking in the killer in and picks up his weapons to avenge his fallen family becoming... Hit-Monkey. Seriously, how did Marvel do Hit-Monkey before Fin Fang Foom!?

The Deadpool-ish character, who first appeared in a digital comic one-shot, has quite a temper, picks up the use of weapons very quickly, and leaves quite a few bodies in his wake. Our assassin is apparently sticking around as a ghost to narrate events and give the monkey someone to interact with providing another ingredient of asshole humor hoping to hook Deadpool fans. Bloody and odd, the episode sets up the bizarre premise which apparently will also pull in the daughter (Olivia Munn) of the assassin's final victim as a main character.

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