Monday, November 29, 2021

The Flash - Armageddon, Part 2

"Part 2" of the season's opening arc offers an explanation for Despero's (Tony Curran) claims that the Flash (Grant Gustin) will soon lose his mind and cause Armageddon with the appearance of a new meta-human in Central City known to cause insanity in her victims. Barry's work to find Xotar (Kandyse McClure) is hampered by new attacks on Team Flash. First, Barry's credentials with the Central City Police Department are suspended and second S.T.A.R. Labs is shut down due to an unmanaged radiation leak. While the team might not see the connection between the various events, it's obvious someone is screwing with Barry's life.

At first, Xotar's appearance makes sense as a possible cause for the madness Despero warns of (and Barry does have his first freak-out after his first meeting with the super-villain), however even after defeating Xotar it's obvious that something is wrong. A second freak-out by the Flash is followed by Barry's confusion of a rather important figure of his life missing. Has time been altered? Or is Barry's conception of reality breaking down, as Despero warned? "Part 2" offers less cameos, although Barry does get some help from the D.O.A. and a return to the Hall of Justice suggests we may see more heroes in the next act.

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