Tuesday, November 16, 2021

WWE Extreme Rules 2021

Extreme Rules is one of the WWE's gimmick PPVs created to highlight specific kinds of matches on that night. What makes the 2021 edition so perplexing is only one of the seven matches on the night's card is actually an extreme rules match. Instead, the card is filled with relatively forgettable matches such as the opening six-man tag involving the New Day defeating Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Omos more fitting Raw or Smackdown.

The night is mostly memorable for some odd endings ruining the night's two best matches. First, Charlotte Flair defeated Alexa Bliss (at one time a dream match-up for WWE fans) in a match that couldn't ever figure out what do do with Bliss' current witchy persona. The match would be immediately overshadowed by the extended bizarre post-match mourning by Bliss for the loss of her doll Lily which was destroyed by Flair after a rushed end to an otherwise solid, if uneven, match. Then there's the incredibly awkward ending to the main event involving the ring malfunction allowing Roman Reigns to successfully defeat Finn Balor. While both matches had their moments, it's hard not to look at each as missed opportunities that WWE really botched in the end.

In a night where no titles changed hands, Damian Priest retained the United States Championship in a triple-threat match and the Usos defeated the Street Profits. There was also a disqualification that allowed Becky Lynch to retain her title against Bianca Blair. The only other match of the night, taking place in the pre-show, featured the WWE finally throwing a bit of love the way of Liv Morgan who was able to beat Carmela.

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