Monday, November 8, 2021

NCIS: Hawai'i - The Tourist

NCIS' search for a social media influencer (Chloe Lanier), and wife of a Navy submarine officer (Titus Makin Jr.), who disappeared at a luau is complicated after they discover she's a CIA asset whose cover has been blown. Even after Whistler (Tori Anderson) orders them to stand down, Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) continues the search which leads to her husband's abduction by those wanting to trade their hostage for the spy. The episode confirms Tennant's role as a former agent for the CIA and also gives her a house guest (Julie White), and former partner in her spy days, who pushes Tennant to continue the search.

In what seems to be becoming the template of the show, it takes the team some time to untangle the truth of the situation (a spy on the run rather than a wife kidnapped) before working together to solve the case. Of the various personal lives the show has shown, the relationship between Whistler and Lucy (Yasmine Al-Bustami) is the only one I've been all that interested in, so the chance to see this develop more is certainly a point in the show's favor. Lucy continues to be my favorite of the show's characters, and I'd much rather see more of her with Whistler than family drama within the Tennant home.

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