Monday, November 8, 2021

Leverage: Redemption - The Golf Job

"The Golf Job" offers the first boys' night episode without Nate while also giving us the return of Leverage recurring character Jack Hurley (Drew Powell) and providing an episode to integrate Harry (Noah Wyle), who witnesses something suspicious on the golf course and pushes the trio into action, further into the team. Hurley's return provides it's share of laughs (and references to past episodes), particularly in his interactions with Eliot (Christian Kane) on the golf course as they attempt to turn a con against a human trafficker (James Marsters) keeping his employees in a state of constant fear.

Harry's subplot allows him to put some of the skills he's learned into action (breaking into a lawyer's office, assuming a different identity, and figuring out how to get all those involved in the human trafficking ring rounded up for the police). Although we get cameos from the female characters, the episode is really about the guys bonding and Harry earning a real spot on the team. The only exception to the focus on the boys is the introduction of Morgan Lindholm as idealistic lawyer Sarah Nichols who starts out as Harry's mark but later becomes his accomplice in taking down the ring. Lindholm is terrific here. Although she isn't credited with another appearance this season, I'd love to see Sarah return sometime in the future.

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